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Product features:
Dual Polarization 2.4GHz Outdoor Directional Antenna
Directional Antenna D-Link ANT24-1600N Dual polarization for outdoor use can increase the range of your wireless network LAN, operating in the 2.4GHz band. The antenna can provide a high-speed connection to connect to the devices standard 802.11n. ANT24-1600N is equipped with two connectors for the transmission of two spatial streams.
ANT24-1600N is ideal for operation in such modes as a point-to-point (WDS), and other modes which require a directional antenna with a high gain. The antenna provides the extension of the local network by combining the two networks LAN, separated physically. Alternatively customers WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) can also be used for this antenna installation secure connection between the host and external access point provider.
Weather resistance
Antenna ANT24-1600N is made in a waterproof, rugged housing that conforms to IP67 and provides protection against environmental influences. Moreover, the case is made of a material resistant to corrosion, can withstand severe weather conditions and wind speeds up to 216km/h, providing reliable performance throughout the life cycle. Module lightning protection ANT70-SP can be purchased separately for the protection of the receiver antenna from electrical voltage which could cause damage to other elements of external influences such as lightning.
Installation flexibility
To perform the installation of the antenna ANT24-1600N supplied antenna is set for installation, providing installation of antennas on the mast to provide improved wireless coverage. The package also included adapter cable with connectors N-type and RP-SMA for easy connections to the host.
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