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Product features:
Wireless N300 Dual Band PCIe Desktop Adapter
Dual band technology
The D-Link Wireless N300 Dual Band PCIe Desktop Adapter uses dual band technology that transmits regular Internet traffic over the 2.4GHz wireless band and transmits high-bandwidth multimedia traffic over the 5GHz band. This allows you to browse the Internet and download files while smoothly streaming HD movies at the same time without interference.
Better speeds, better coverage
Connect to your wireless network with faster speeds and from farther distances with the Wireless N300 Dual Band PCIe Desktop Adapter. With greatly improved wireless coverage and speed, you can enjoy faster and more reliable connections throughout your home.
The benefits of PCI Express
PCI Express provides a high-bandwidth connection with superior performance over the legacy PCI interface, and allows you to connect the Wireless N300 Dual Band PCIe Desktop Adapter to any PCIe slot in your computer, whether it is an x1, x4, x8, or x16 slot.
Easy to set up, easy to use
D-Link’s Setup Wizard guides you step-by-step through the installation process to get you connected to your wireless network quickly and easily, even if you have little to no networking experience. The D-Link Wireless Manager is also included with this product to keep track of your most frequently accessed networks.
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