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Product features:
D-ViewCam Video Management Software
General features:
Camera Support
• Supports up to 32 cameras
• Megapixel network camera support
Video Compression
• MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 compression format
Software Features
• OSD (On-screen Display) setting
• Live monitoring
• 30 FPS maximum recording per camera (subject to camera and video server capacity)
• Automatic discovery of network cameras
• Multilingual support
• On-the-fly configuration changes
• E-mail notifications
• Lock system to avoid unauthorized changes
System User Management
• User Validation
• User Password Restriction
• User Profiling
• Access Privilege Control
• Supports multiple storage locations
• Record by schedule
• Record by event
• Digital watermark protection
• Pre-record/Post-record support
• Manual recording support
• One-way audio recording of multiple channels
• Record and live display at different frame rates and resolution
Data Search and Playback
• Video playback control
• Histogram quick search method for videos
• Video stamp
• Extract snapshots from video
• Extract video to AVI/ASF
• Supports remote playback/web playback
Video Mode
• Screen division layout support
• Monitor display allows for drag and drop of videos
• Supports full screen video
• Information window support
• Enable Move function to control a P/T/Z camera
• Digital zoom in/out support
• Duplicate camera
• Supports remote live viewing to display video
Map Mode
• Multiple map support
• Alarm notification
• Customized map background support
• Camera preview
• Camera and I/O indicator
PTZ Control
• Auto Pan
• Manual control
• Preset positions (device dependent)
• Preset patrolling
• Multiple patrol group support 
I/O Feature
• Output port control
• Input port trigger on event
• Output port relay when an event is detected
• Backup database for logs and videos
• Import/Export configuration
• DB tool
• Burn backup files to DVDs on Windows XP
Minimum System Requirements*
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E5300
• RAM: 2 GB
• Motherboard: Intel P55, H55, X58, P45, P43 chip, MB vendor ASUS Gigabyte or MSI with Intel Chipset recommended
• Video card: ATI Radeon 4650 or above (ATI Driver V11-2 recommended)
• Ethernet: 100Base-T or above, Gigabit LAN recommended
• Hard Disk**: 250 GB or above
• Operating system: 
  32 bits: MS Windows XP pro SP3/ Vista SP1/ Win 7 SP1/ Win 8 
  64 bits: Win 7 SP1/ Win Server 2008 R2/ Win 8, Win Server 2012
* To determine the minimum hardware requirements for your planned surveillance system if it is not listed in the above table, please consult the SI (system integrator), the reseller, or D-Link Technical Support. 
** Recording video over a long period of time will consume large amounts of disk space. Make sure that you have enough disk space if you want to use the recording function.

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