D-Link Unified Wireless Series expands into Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6 Technology

March 4, 2022 – D-Link Corporation has launched its new DWL-X8630AP Dual-Band AX3600 Unified Access Point, allowing business’ productivity to skyrocket on the back of the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.
The DWL-X8630AP boasts unparalleled bandwidth and flexibility. It is fully prepared to handle all day-to-day demands of medium to large-sized enterprises. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6, there are massive performance improvements, as well as all the features of 802.11ax now being available across the 2.4GHz band, as well as the 5GHz band.

The DWL-X8630AP comes packed with features to maintain super-fast data speeds, even during peak usage periods:

  • OFDMA and MU-MIMO 4x4 technologies communicate more data to more devices while simultaneously resulting in less waiting time all-round.
  • WPA3 Personal/Enterprise helps to ensure wireless connections are safe and protected from unauthorized access.
  • Beamforming detects device locations to focus signals for reliable data transmissions at greater distances.
  • Band Steering drives capable devices such as smart phones or tablets onto the 5GHz band, delivering them a better experience, especially in situations such as Full HD video calls and meetings.
  • Airtime Fairness ensures equal airtime is given to each client, providing increased performance even if slower devices are connected.
  • 802.11k/v/r Fast Roaming allows the wireless client to roam seamlessly between access points.

The DWL-X8630AP’s built-in 2.5 GbE PoE port unlocks the door to ‘multi-gigabit’ Wi-Fi, making AX3600 technology essential for increasing the network’s speed and bandwidth.

The DWL-X8630AP is designed to be ready for rapid deployment. Power-over-Ethernet support allows the AP to be connected and powered using a single cable, so it can be installed in areas without power outlets.

Versatile management options significantly cut down configuration and management time, making life easier for IT admins. Paired with a highly capable Unified Wireless Controller – such as the D-Link DWC-1000 or DWC-2000 – they can be managed remotely, with no need for onsite configuration. This also means you can roll out new configurations painlessly or keep your Access Point’s firmware up-to-date easily with remote batch configuration, as there’s no need to do them one by one.

Availability and pricing
The DWL-X8630AP is currently available for purchase from D-Link resellers and distributors.

About D-Link
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