D-Link’s high-performance DXS-3610 series switches feature ultra-low latency with 10G Ethernet switching and routing for enterprise and campus networks

DXS-3610 Layer 3 Stackable 10G Managed Switches

December 22, 2020 – D-Link has announced its latest DXS-3610 series Layer 3 Stackable 10G Managed Switches that offer high scalability, high availability, and high redundancy.
With 10G Ethernet switching capacity of up to 2.16 Tbps, forwarding rates of up to 1607 Mbps, and 100G uplink port speeds, the DXS-3610 series is extremely powerful. These switches also feature robust physical stacking of up to 12 switches with a total of 1.2T bandwidth. Hot-swappable power modules with load sharing and hot-swappable fan trays with front-to-back airflow significantly reduce downtime and power consumption to provide a redundant, high-reliability, and high-availability architecture.

The DXS-3610 series offers high port density available in two configurations (48 fixed 10G SFP+ with 6 fixed 100G QSFP28 and 48 fixed 10G Base-T with 6 fixed 100G QSFP28) and supports different software images (Standard Image and Enhanced Image), providing customers with extensive flexibility for deployment as the core/aggregation router of enterprise and campus environments. The Enhanced Image supports L3 features such as L3 routing, L3 Multicast, and MPLS, making the DXS-3610 also suitable for deployment as an aggregation switch for ISP Metro/Campus. These switches are also OpenFlow v1.3 compliant and compatible with SDN-enabled core/aggregation networks.

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