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IP-phones with SIP, 1 LAN port and 1-port WAN

Making calls over the Internet for the office
IP-phone DPH-400S/E/F3 allows connection to DSL / cable modem connection to make inexpensive Internet phone calls. This device combines the advantages of modern technology Voice over IP with advanced communication features. DPH-400S/E/F3 phone to take advantage of VoIP technology with quality comparable to conventional telephones.
High quality voice
IP-phone DPH-400S/E/F3 supports QoS, which ensures the quality of the transmission and reception of voice, similar to the ordinary phone. In addition, this phone supports many useful functions such as call transfer, caller ID, three-way conference, and the function of "speed dial." Make it convenient to dial out or answer phone calls.
Simultaneous search pages on the Internet and make phone calls
Phone DPH-400S/E/F3 has 1 port WAN, which is designed to connect to your cable / DSL-modem or broadband router. The second LAN port allows you to connect a personal computer. In this case, it will be possible to simultaneously talk on the phone and IP-carry surfing on the Internet, send email, transfer files and perform other tasks on the computer network.
Integrated Safety
DPH-400S/E/F3 support the option Voice VLAN, which allows you to isolate and secure voice traffic sent over the Internet. It also supports traffic prioritization, ensuring the transfer of files and work with Web-site without compromising voice quality for Internet telephony.

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