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Xtreme N Gigabit Router

The D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme NTM Gigabit Router is a draft 802.11n compliant device that delivers up to 14x faster speeds1 and 6x farther range  than 802.11g while staying backward compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b devices. Connect the Xtreme NTM Gigabit Router to a cable or DSL modem and provide high-speed Internet access to multiple computers, game consoles, and media players. Create a secure wireless network to share photos, f les, music, videos, printers, and network storage. Powered by Xtreme NTM technology and equipped with three external antennas, this router provides superior wireless coverage for larger homes and off ces, or for users running bandwidth-intensive applications. The DIR-655 also includes a 4-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit switch that connects Gigabit wired devices for lag-free network gaming and faster f le transfers.

With D-Link’s Intelligent QoS Technology, wired and wireless traff c are analyzed and separated into multiple data streams. The DIR-655’s embedded WISH Stream Engine improves wireless media by moving time-sensitive tagged traff c to the front of the WMM queue and optimizing RF settings for optimal wireless throughput. WISH (Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling) automatically detects multimedia, VoIP and Online Gaming applications, requiring no user conf guration. It works transparently with other QoS technologies to immediately improve wireless media speed.

The Xtreme NTM Gigabit Router supports the latest wireless security features to help prevent unauthorized access, be it from over a wireless network or the Internet. Support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 standards ensure that you will be able to use the best possible encryption regardless of your client devices. In addition, this Xtreme NTM Gigabit Router utilizes Dual Active Firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet.

TM Network USB Utility, you can connect an external hard drive or multifunction printer to the router’s USB port to share disk space, printing or scanning functions among family members or a group of users. This USB port also supports D-link 3G adapter connection, so you can connect your router to a 3G mobile service to provide Internet access to a group while travelling.

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