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Şarj fonksiyonu ve mydlink desteği ile AC750 Kablosuz Taşınabilir Yönlendirici
Wireless Portable Router DIR-510L provides mobile devices connected to the Internet, file sharing and the ability to recharge at any time and in any place. Router DIR-510L supports the latest wireless standard 802.11as providing high-speed wireless connection, video streaming and viewing web-pages. To get started, simply connect a laptop, smartphone or tablet to a wireless router DIR-510L. Thanks to built-in rechargeable battery, the router can act as a portable charger used for charging your devices and ensuring their long-term work. 
High level of performance with standard 802.11ac
Router DIR-510L supports the latest standard 802.11ac, which provides high speed data transfer with compatible wireless devices. Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to avoid network congestion and interference. The simultaneous use of two ranges, the users can use the compounds of the general rate of 750 Mbit / s. Moreover, each separate working range of the wireless network that can be used in accordance with existing requirements and objectives. You can also configure the guest area («guest zone»), which customers will only have access to the Internet. Supports Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) and built-in DLNA-server provides media streaming without delay to other devices, including Smart TV, game consoles and kompyutery4. 
Appendix mydlink SharePort ™ - file sharing anytime, anywhere
Router DIR-510L provides a simple sharing of audio, video and photos. With mydlink SharePort applications and SharePort Mobile can download, upload and transmit multimedia and documents to or from USB-drive connected to the router. To configure sharing media files to your family and friends just download the app for free, register an account and connect to the mydlink router DIR-510L. 
Router as a portable charger 
In Router DIR-510L integrated battery capacity of 4000 mA / h, which nourishes not only the router itself, but also can perform charging other devices. In addition, the router has two USB-ports, so you can simultaneously charge the device and provide shared access to files on a USB-drive. Now you can not worry about that your device runs out at the most inopportune moment.To recharge simply connect your smartphone or other enerogoemkie devices (eg, iPad) to the USB-port of the router 6 .
Easy to install, easy to use
In a convenient interface DIR-510L retains all connection settings, so only one input settings. No matter whether you are connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot in your favorite cafe or via mobile connection via 3G/4G USB-modem, router DIR-510L automatically connects all your devices.
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