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Dual-band wireless gigabit router Cloud with data transfer rates up to 600 Mbit / s
Dual-band wireless gigabit router Cloud with data transfer rates up to 600 Mbit / s with attractive design and high performance. In addition, DIR-826L supports service mydlink, which provides remote access to the router from your mobile device. 
Dual Band for fast and reliable connection
Dual Band Gigabit Router delivers Cloud computers and mobile devices to broadband Internet access. DIR-826L supports the 802.11n standard with data rates up to 300 Mbit / s 1 , which is ideal for fast file transfer and stable operation of online games. Built-in power amplifier increases wireless coverage, providing a connection anywhere in your home. Simultaneous dual-band allows you to check email and browse the Internet using the 2.4GHz frequency, while the frequency of 5 GHz band can be used to view streaming media. Thus, the user himself determines the most efficient range, depending on the activities performed by it on the network.
Mydlink service 
The router supports service mydlink, which provides the ability to remotely access, view and control devices through mydlink web-site or via a mobile app mydlink. The service mydlink you can view information about the users who are connected to the router, change the settings to block unauthorized users from any computer or mobile platforms iOS and Android, connected to the Internet. In addition, parents are available to view and control sites visited by their children.
Quality of Service (QoS)
4 Gigabit LAN-ports on the back panel of the router DIR-826L provide high-speed data transmission over a wired network, ideal for streaming HD-video, stable performance VoIP-applications and online games. Gigabit WAN-port is transmitting data to the wireless interface at high speed, allowing you to maximize the performance of devices in a wireless network.Support for QoS provides analysis and sharing of wired and wireless traffic into multiple data streams, with applications such as VoIP, video streaming and online gaming are given priority.
Sharing and file transfer 
Dual Band Wireless Router Cloud allows you to create a data store for shared computers and devices connected to the network. Connect an external USB hard drive to transfer video library and music files on a laptop, or a USB flash drive for presentation shared for your colleagues. Easy-to-use application SharePort ™ Mobile lets you back up photos and videos stored on your device. You can also create separate user accounts to control access to files USB-drive, so access to your music files will be open to everyone, but it will be saved privacy of personal files. 
Easy to install and configure security 
By the application of QRS (Quick Router Setup) Mobile, installed on a mobile device with an iOS or Android, you can quickly and easily perform start-up and remote management of the router DIR-826L. Just plug in the router, open the application and follow a few simple steps to connect without using a computer. In addition, the protection of the network can be configured one-touch WPS. WPA/WPA2 encryption and a built-in firewall (SPI and NAT) provide network security by allowing you to shop at online stores and perform banking transactions online. 
Modern and stylish design
Router DIR-826L made in the original compact body and is a perfect stylistic solution for the modern home. All ports and connectors on the rear panel of the unit, so the router will fit perfectly into any interior and will be a perfect complement it. 
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