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Wireless 802.11n Dual-Band HD media router with built-in 4-port switch, 1-port USB 3.0, up to 450 Mbit / s
Router Functions
Wireless HD Media Router 3000 supports data rates from 450 to 450 Mbit / s with simultaneous use of two frequency ranges, which provides a continuous broadcast of HD video streaming and faster data transfer. Built-in Quality of Service (QoS) to optimize network performance and provide playback of multimedia and online games without delay. 
Sharing files through SharePort technology
SharePort technology enables shared access to photos, music and video, thanks to this technology, you can connect high-speed USB 3.0 storage device to USB-port router and arrange instant file sharing on the network 1 . You can also connect a multifunction USB-printer and Share the functions of printing, scanning and fax numbers, allowing you to use only one printer for the home and office.

1 SD-card is not included
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