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The D-Link DI-711 Wireless Router & Access Point is the easiest and most  secure  way  to  share  your  high-speed  DSL/Cable  Internet connection over a Wireless LAN (WLAN).  This D-Link router allows you to share a single Internet Connection while providing the safety and security of port blocking, packet filtering, and a natural firewall . A  built  in 802.11b compliant Access Point will boost  the  signal  to increase the range and speed of your WLAN.  The DI-711’s integrated 10/100 Port allows devices that require hard wiring to be connected without the need for extra equipment.

Delivering two levels of protection, the DI-711 allows users to block and redirect ports as well as mask local IP Addresses on the Internet. The masking of local users’ IP Addresses from others on the Internet makes  targeting  a  specific  machine  on  the  network  much  more difficult.  It blocks and redirects specific ports to limit the servers that outside users can access, while providing the freedom to open specific ports in order to ensure that specific Internet applications and games  will run properly. 

D-Link’s DI-711’s integrated IEEE 802.11b compliant Access Point creates an infrastructure for the network and extends the reach of the network  communications  capabilities.  The  access  point  will
communicate with  other  access  points  on  the  network  to  provide seamless roaming from one cell  to another.   Strict adherence  to  the most advanced  IEEE networking  standard  for wireless connections m a kes  the  DI-711  completely  interoperable  with  multi-vendor environments that also meet standards compliance for IEEE 802.11b. 

For ISP, BSP, DLEC, and Cable Company distribution,  the DI-711 can  be  configured  with  two  levels  of  administrative  control.   A broadband  provider  can  set  the  number  of  users,  and  change  IP configurations remotely.   Effectively  it creates a separation between the provider’s and user’s networks to localize the effects of any local user’s network settings and give the added benefit of NAT support to simplify the assignment and number of IP addresses on the provider’s network.  Remote configuration serves as a platform  to increase the effectiveness  of  a  provider’s  customer  support,  enabling  fast  and powerful remote diagnosis.  Through the use of a single IP address, the user will additionally benefit  from a  single  subnet, ensuring  that as additional computers are provided with Internet access, they will still be able to network via TCP/IP locally, without needing any additional local ga t eways or routers.

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