HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
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Network camera DCS-5000L supports a wide range of functions for efficient clock surveillance of your home or small office. The pan / tilt provides coverage of a large area of observation, and the infrared illuminator allows you to conduct round the clock surveillance regardless of the lighting conditions. Wireless connectivity eliminates the need for additional cabling that provides simple and flexible installation. Video surveillance DCS-5000L is a stand-alone device that requires no special hardware or software, and can work even without a computer. Send notifications with snapshots and video clips via e-mail when motion is detected, using just the DCS-5000L and Internet connection. You can configure regions for motion detection and to monitor, for example, at the entrance to the room or outside the restricted traffic zone. DCS-5000L allows you to conduct video surveillance at night due to the infrared light with a range of up to 8 m, which provides round the clock monitoring of a home or small office. Permanent remote access to video using mydlink cloud service Support DCS-5000L mydlink™ makes the observation house or office easier, more convenient and allows you to stay connected regardless of location. To view video from the camera can use Web mydlink website, and additional downloadable mydlink app for mobile devices with iOS or Android. App mydlink allow the user using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection, you can quickly and easily view your camera feed from. The PTZ functionality Thanks to the functions of the pan/tilt camera DCS-5000L provides an overview of a large area from different angles, and 4x digital zoom allows you to zoom in on the area of interest for more information. Great range of your wireless network with the 802.11 n standard Offering wireless 802.11 n, which provides reliability, high data transfer speed and great range of your wireless network, camera DCS-5000L can be placed anywhere in the home or small office. You can install the camera anywhere within range of an existing wireless network without running network cables and move it in accordance with changes in requirements to the surveillance system.

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