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Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) with two drive bays
Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a good alternative to expensive, outdated analog surveillance systems CCTV. Together with the IP-cameras D-Link IP-cameras or other manufacturers with a broad range of features and high resolution, professional network video recorder (NVR) DNR-326 provides a complete solution for video display, real-time, data storage and management of video surveillance. DVR D-Link DNR-326, being the cost of the device similar equipment, ideal for reliable high quality video surveillance.
Online Video Surveillance
An intuitive graphical interface D-Link DNR-326 makes it easy to view NVR as recorded and transmitted in real-time video. Status page displays the status of the camera connection and recording, as well as frame rate and bit rate information for each camera. The total amount of time available for recording is also displayed for each device NVR.
Real-time monitoring and camera installation
Users are provided with a wide range of options for viewing and organizing the footage on the screen. In a system with multiple channels, users can use the mouse to drag the selected camera in the viewing area. To simplify the identification of the names of cameras and recording status are displayed on the screen (OSD). Presets in the interface can be used to instantly restore your previously saved settings. You can view the video from a single camera in full screen mode with two-way audio transmission (optional). Users can control PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) using the interface buttons or by directly clicking on the video icon. 
Broad functional recording
A clear single-page interface assists in such settings, compression, resolution and frame rate for all connected cameras. NVR records video from nine local and remote IP-based cameras.  
If the cameras are installed, the system will set up the schedule allows continuous recording or recording in scheduled intervals.Each camera can be set to record independently at preset intervals. NVR also provides video recording based on the response of certain trigger events, such as when motion is detected.
The NVR can be configured to automatically replace the old data with new data in the case of filling the space on the hard drive, allowing the long and continuous recording. Users can determine the number of days during which the entry must be stored (within the capacity of the hard disk). For example, if the amount of memory allows you to store the NVR recording for 7 days, then when you use the overwrite data for the 8th day will be written in place of data for the 1st day.
NVR also provides the option to stop recording when the disk space is full. Notice filling space on the hard disk can be sent by e-mail or an external device, such as an audible alarm or indicator light signal via the interface DI / DO.
An effective system of managing events
NVR provides centralized management of digital output, notifications by e-mail and write to all connected cameras. Additionally, you can observe the work of the sensors detect movement or the status of digital input interfaces. These events will be logged to notify by e-mail or through external devices. Users can specify multiple contact lists, which will be sent notification of an event. An effective system of logging organizes events by date for easy retrieval.
Intelligent playback
The search of recorded data can be lengthy and laborious. However, the function «Smart Search» allows you to find the dates of the event, without any special effort. After selecting the video surveillance zone and sensitivity settings search function «Smart Search» scan the database, based on the specified search criteria to determine the noteworthy developments. Search criteria include options such as motion detection, missing or extraneous objects, loss of focus, as well as darkening the camera.
After selecting the desired interval NVR video playback device can immediately start playing it. DNR-326 supports simultaneous playback of four channels. Playback speed control allows you to fast forward / rewind with a 16-fold increase in speed.Stepping playing shows one frame at a time. In addition, users can improve the quality of the recorded video by setting brightness, contrast and sharpness. NVR supports two formats for exporting video.
File formats AVI and ASF carry a timestamp on the exported video. If the user's computer connected to the printer using the NVR, you can print a selected frame. Network DVR D-Link provides the security and integrity of the footage. Administrators can restrict access to the NVR, filtering external connections by IP-address and thereby improving safety. Administrators can also choose access privileges for users by specifying the cameras to which they can get access to watch videos online, play, work with sound and settings of PTZ.
Recorded data is stored in a secure database. Periodically or when necessary, can be backed up data recorded on the additional storage. NVR also includes the option to protect data using a RAID 1 configuration. RAID 1 duplicates the database records into two separate discs. In the event of failure of one hard drive data is contained in the integrity of the second hard drive.
In an emergency power source for the NVR can be used by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). UPS via USB-interface to notify the NVR to disconnect before the battery power is low. In case of power failure without a UPS NVR will start automatically when power is restored. Of course, in addition to protecting the data necessary to protect the device against theft. For this reason, the apparatus NVR in a compact body and can easily be installed in a remote protected location. The front panel is equipped with a lock to protect the hard disk, and a safety lock, which can help protect against theft.
An integrated network functionality
Network DVR D-Link can be used in accordance with the architecture of the existing network with features such as an ADSL-PPPoE service. NVR can receive IP-address from DHCP-server to facilitate its detection during installation.
For systems operating without a fixed IP-address, function is supported Dynamic DNS. Access to the NVR can be remotely via the Internet using an easily remembered domain name service provided by DDNS.
Support for the exact time in the system is especially important if the recorded video is used as evidence. To continuously provide an accurate time device NVR can update the system clock via a server on the Internet, using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
Software D-ViewCam NVR
Software D-ViewCam NVR, included in the package consists of five major components: Playback Manager (Manager playback), Backup and File Manager (file manager and backup manager), Verification Tool (verification tool), NVR Search (Search NVR ) and Multi-NVR Viewer (View multiple NVR). 

Multi-NVR Viewer supports simultaneous display of 128 channels. It's easy to arrange a viewing by dragging the video to the display window. Cams driven NVR, viewable as individual sites or distributed in groups of categories. 

Playback Manager (Manager playback) includes a simple and intuitive Web-based graphical interface that allows users to play back video, as well as to search for it, or export. 

Flexible utility to backup Backup and File Manager (File Manager and Backup Manager) simplifies the process of copying video from the NVR to an external storage device. 

Verification Tool (Tool test) verifies that the system-generated data is modified by adding a digital signature to each video frame recording.

NVR Search (Search NVR) NVR allows you to find the device on the local network.  
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