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Product features:
Wireless N300 Access Point/Bridge
High-Definition performance
The D-Link Wireless HD Video Bridge (DAP-1420) enables you to easily upgrade any network to support streaming of High-Definition (HD) multimedia content over a wireless connection. Connect any Ethernet-enabled device in your entertainment center like your game consoles, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Digital Media Adapters (DMA) to the DAP-1420 to upgrade your network and enable dual-band wireless streaming.
Speed and performance
Built-in antennas provide fast, stable speed and performance to enhance your gaming and HD video streaming experience. The DAP-1420 also uses Intelligent Antenna technology to transmit multiple streams of data by bouncing multiple wireless signals off of walls and ceilings to work around obstructions and help eliminate dead spots, enabling you to receive wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home.
Better wireless experience
The clearer 5GHz band provides less interference so you can stream High-Definition movies and other media giving you a better wireless experience with the fastest speeds possible.
Quality of Service
The DAP-1420 is equipped with Quality of Service (QoS), which helps organize and prioritize the data streams in your network so your VoIP, HD Video streaming, and gaming runs smoother over your wireless network.
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