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DSA-3110 PBX edition is a voice router, which uses the protocol VOIP SIP. The device provides a connection, authentication and the exchange of voice traffic to VOIP-VOIP-subscribers and device (VOIP-phones, VOIP-locks, software phones), as well as connect to the external (providers of VOIP). DSA-3110 PBX edition provides a complete solution that ensures the exchange traffic voice of clients and devices within the office and the office in connection to external voice channels VOIP. DSA-3110 PBX edition is compatible with most popular operating systems, including Mac OS, BSD *, UNIX, Linux and Windows, and can be integrated into the larger network.

Fast internal telephone network
Voice router DSA-3110 PBX edition guarantees a   quick and convenient way of organizing the internal telephone system, allowing you to attach the short numbers to specific employees or departments. Similarly DSA-3110 PBX edition allows you to create user groups and assign groups of type, with the help of user-friendly web-interface. Grouper allows users to set their overall selected extension (for example, the total number of the marketing department), as well as a way to bypass the call to identify the users of each group.

Using the network of services
DSA-3110 PBX edition can be used in commercial networks, providing domestic telephone network to customers of services (such as cafes, hotels, bars, cinemas, etc.). The device allows easy connection.

Types of groups of users Web-interface DSA-3110 PBX edition allows users to distribute three different types of group properties of the call:

The transfer of the call group. All numbers and telephone numbers assigned to this group will ring simultaneously. Answer the call first, who will lift up.

Bypass call group. The call will bypass the numbers assigned to this group consistently, one after another, until someone from the users of this group did not raise the tubes. The procedure call  bypass groups determined by the order in which users were added to the group. Timeout transfer the call from user to user is 10 seconds (you can specify any time).

Parking  call . Production of call waiting. After receiving the call can be placed on hold (Hold) and handed over to any user of domestic telephone network.

Translation   and the selection of the call.
DSA-3110 PBX edition provides the ability to transfer calls to any network device. After   receiving a call can be transferred to any user within the network. Selection of the call is carried out raising the tube


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             Available functions

·         Placement of up to 50 user accounts in the internal  database

·         Support for 5 concurrent calls

·         Authentication and authorization based on the ID / Пароле

·         Support for internal authentication mechanism

·         Access to the WEB-Interface

·         Remote access to the command line interface for SSH

·         Static IP, DHCP-client interfaces

·         Supported VoIP Codecs G.711 (μlaw, alaw)

Hardware Platform

·         Processor

·         Intel IHP-425 or 266 MHz Intel IXP-425 533 MHz


·         64 MB SDRAM

·         16 MB Flash

Ports device

·         7 10/100Mbit/s Fast Ethernet

·         4 independently configurable interfaces (can be used as a LAN, WAN, the issuance of port statistics)


·         Power (Power)

·         Status (Status)

·         7 indicators port Fast Ethernet

Physical parameters
Nutrition through an external power adapter

·         The voltage at the input
5V/3A DC


·         239 x 156 x 30 mm


·         1,2 kg

·         Steel Case

·         Operating temperature 0 ° to 45 ° C

·         Storage temperature -25 ° to 55 ° C

·         Humidity 10% to 95% without condensation


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DSA-3110 PBX edition
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