טלפון VOIP עם תמיכה ב SIP וב PoE עם שני פורטים LAN ועם פורט WAN
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Making calls over the Internet for home and office
IP-Phone DPH-400SE allows connection to DSL / cable modem connection to make inexpensive Internet phone calls. This device combines the advantages of modern technology Voice over IP with advanced communication features. Phone DPH-400SE to take advantage of VoIP technology with quality comparable to conventional telephones.

High quality voice transmission
IP-Phone DPH-400SE supports QoS, which ensures the quality of the transmission and reception of voice, similar to using a conventional telephone. In addition, this phone supports many useful functions such as call transfer, caller ID, three-way conference and function "speed dial." Make it convenient to dial out or answer phone calls.

Simultaneous search pages on the Internet and make phone calls
Phone DPH-400SE with 2-port Ethernet, one of which is intended for connection to a cable / DSL-modem or a broadband router. Also, this port can be connected to a switch with PoE and receive power via PoE, where power outlets are not available. Another Ethernet port allows you to connect a personal computer. This will probably talk on the IP-phone and search pages to the Internet, send email, transfer files and perform other tasks on the computer network.

Integrated Safety
DPH-400SE supports the option Voice VLAN, which allows you to isolate and secure voice traffic transmitted over the Internet. It also supports traffic prioritization that provides file transfer and work with Web-sites without compromising voice quality for Internet telephony.

מאפיינים כללים

network Interfaces
2-port RJ-45 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet (1 port for connecting to a switch that supports PoE standards 802.3/802.3u and full-duplex mode, one port to connect to your computer with support for 802.3 and full-duplex mode)

Signaling, media and network protocols
+ SIP RFC 3261
+ SIP RFC 2327
+ RTP RFC 1889
+ Destination IP-address: Static IP-address, DHCP and PPPoE
+ STUN, static port mapping (for NAT traversal)
+ TFTP / FTP / HTTP for Auto Provision

audio Codecs
+ G.711a / u (64 kbit / s)
+ G.729A / B (8 kbit / s)
+ G.723.1

Advanced QoS features
+ Silence Suppression
+ Acoustic echo cancellation (G.167)
+ Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
+ Comfort Noise Generation
+ Jitter-buffer
+ Transmitter DTFM (SIP info, Transparent, RFC 2833)
+ Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)

+ Menu
3 + keys for selecting the display information
+ 6 memory keys
+ 3 keys SIP line
+ RLS (Release Key)
+ Phonebook
+ Hold (Hold)
+ Call Forward (Transfer)
+ Mute (Mute)
+ 4 navigatsinnye keys to navigate in the settings; setting ringer volume, speaker and handset
+ R / Send (Redial and write access to the archive of calls, the end of dialing and dialing)
+ Speaker (Speaker)
+ 12 numeric keys, including keys * and #
+ Volume control (Vol-/Vol +)

call functions
+ Call Hold Resume
+ Mute
+ Call Transfer (accompanied or unaccompanied)
+ Call Forwarding (Busy, No Answer, Unconditional)
+ Call Waiting
+ Call Waiting Indication
+ Call Waiting Indication
+ Voice mail
+ Anonymous call / Refuse
+ Message waiting indication
+ The "Do Not Disturb"
+ Blacklist
+ Limit List
+ Auto hangup
+ Ban certain outgoing calls
+ "Hotline"

Remote Software Upgrade
+ Remote software upgrade via FTP / TFTP / HTTP
+ APS auto-provisionning for software update and profile

The user interface / network management
+ User Interface screen / keyboard in English and other languages
+ Web-user interface (HTTP) in English and other languages

Quality of service (QoS)
+ IEEE 802.1p
+ Diffserv (DSCP) / ToS

Privacy / class of service (CoS)
+ Support for VLAN ID
+ VLAN Tag
+ OpenVPN - (Warning! For devices shipped into the territory of the customs union, this functionality is not available)

Advanced Features
+ Multiple users (3 user accounts SIP)
+ Automatic Caller ID
+ Archive calls: 100 missed calls, 100 incoming calls, outgoing calls 100
+ Phone book (up to 500 contact names and phone numbers)
+ Date / Time Display
+ Displaying the Call Timer
+ 14 call tones to choose from (9 ring tones and 5 melodies)
+ 12 speed dial numbers
+ Indicates incoming call
+ Password protection when accessing the configuration interface
+ Pre-dial before sending
+ Memo

נתונים פיזיים

Power Input
100 ~ 120, 220 ~ 240V AC via an external power adapter

Output Power
5V DC 1A

Power consumption
+ Typical: 1.5 W (Standby)
+ Max.: 1.8 W (During a call)

220 x 250 x 85 mm

625 g

Operating temperature
From 0 ° to 40 ° C

Storage temperature
-20 ° to 60 ° C

Operating Humidity
From 10 to 65% non-condensing

Storage humidity
From 15 to 85% non-condensing

CE Class B




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