Ethernet Authentication RADIUS Server
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Industry Standard
RADIUS is an industry standard designed to meet the authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) and service delivery. Complying to this standard, the DRS-200 RADIUS server enables network administrators to manage authentication and authorization for all network users. It frees up your resources from the task of custom developing your own RADIUS server solutions.

Enhance Wireless LAN Security
The DRS-200 is designed mainly for use with wireless LAN installation, where potential for unauthorized access, eavesdropping or other security issues is high. The DRS-200 provides user identification, data authentication and other applications to enhance the security of the network.

Central Management of Security
Operating in conjunction with wireless LAN access points, Ethernet switches and other types of network devices that support the industry standard IEEE 802.1x protocol, the DRS-200 allows you to implement central management of your network security. T o gain access to the network, network users first have to get user names, passwords and Digital Certificate checked through the EAPOL (Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN) provided by the different wireless LAN access points and Ethernet switches to which the users are physically connected. The DRS-200 RADIUS server provides the additional security check by requiring such authorization to go an extra mile to have all users' legal identities authenticated again by the RADIUS server itself before access is finally granted.

Integration With Existing Environment
The DRS-200 RADIUS server uses the de-facto standard protocol for authenticating users and for recording accounting information that is supported and used by most vendors. It can be easily integrated into your existing environment and automated provisioning systems. 


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