4/8-Port VoIP Gateways
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The DVG-7022S/7044S/7062S VoIP gateways present an ideal Internet telephone solution for business use. These gateways convert voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the Internet, and vice versa. Equipped with both FXS and FXO types of phone ports, these gateways provides flexible and convenient connection to PSTN lines, PBXs and standard phones for voice and fax over any IP network. They combine the industry's latest Voice over the IP network technology with advanced communication features, and are fully compatible with SIP Internet phone services. Now, from a single device, corporate, small, or remote offices can access Internet telephony services, eliminate toll charges and route calls to and from the PSTN, Internet, or LAN.

Up to 6 FXS Ports. Depending on the model, users can have up to 6 FXS ports for simultaneous Internet phone connections. Plug in regular phone sets to these ports, and they instantly become Internet
telephones. For businesses with frequent needs for long-distance and international phone calls, these gateways provide great cost savings and convenience, while keeping configuration and maintenance to a
minimal level.

Up to 4 FXO Ports. In a remote IP phone to local analog phone line application, a branch office can take in IP voice calls from a head office. Though the FXO ports, the gateways route them to local destinations equipped with only analog phones. The long distance calls are sent through the Internet without any phone charge, and the remote office pays only for the local analog phone time. The gateways connect analog callers to the IP network without involving operators or incurring toll charges from telephone companies

Guaranteed Voice Quality. The gateways deliver clear sound, voice and reliable fax calling through implementation of internationally recognized standards for voice and data networking. They incorporate Quality of Service (QoS) functions to ensure that voice received through the Internet is the same as or even surpasses that received on the ordinary phone.

Convenient Call Features. The gateways support extensive call features, allowing the service provide to offer these functions to their subscribers. Provided that the telephone sets at the end-users side support these functions, callers can take advantage of these convenient features. Configuration of individual  phone connection is easy, using the multi-language Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or the web-based user's interface.

Shared Broadband Internet Connection/Integrated 4-Port Switch. All gateways in this series provide a convenient router function to permit office users to share the Internet broadband line. With 4 integrated Ethernet ports, office computers can readily connect to these gateways and use their built-in NAT/DHCP server functions for automatic logon to the Internet.

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