Access VPN Concentrator


Network Access Security
The VPN Access Concentrator provides you a comfortable and secure way to provide entrusted computers access to your LAN/WAN. The system guarantees that only registered users are able to use network resources. Used VPN (PPTP or PPPoE) connection technologies provide a security way of user’s authorization and protected remote access.  

AAA Function Execution 
The DSA-3110 performs for you authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA), three basic issues that are encountered frequently in many network services. Examples of these services are dial in access to Internet, electronic commerce, Internet printing, and Mobile IP. Authentication acts to verify an identity so authorization can be granted to access a resource. Accounting collects resource consumption data for the purposes of trend analysis, and capacity planning, billing, auditing, and cost allocation.

Can Be Used on Commercial Network
The DSA-3110 can also be installed in a commercial network providing services to public. Authentication is needed to make sure that the user of the service is who he claims to be. This is quite important, because you don't want that someone else is using the service you have paid for. After the user has been authenticated we need a way to ensure that the user is authorized to do the things he is requesting. For example, if you are a normal user you don't have the permissions to access all the files in a file system. Usually authorization is provided by using access control lists or policies. Resource accounting outputs information of the network usage with NetFlow technology for billing, capacity planning and other purposes.

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