Cable/DSL VPN Router With Built-in 8-Port Switch
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D-Link, the worldwide leader in innovative home and business networking solutions, introduces a robust and secure networking solution for remote sales offices and telecommuters.

The DI-808HV is an 8-port Ethernet Broadband Router with VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities. The VPN feature allows users to securely connect multiple computers over the Internet via IPSec, PPTP, or L2TP tunnels. The DI-808HV also supports VPN pass-through for those who want to use their own VPN client softwares. It also features 10/100Mbps Auto MDIX/ MDIX Ethernet ports allowing CAT 5 cable (straight-through or cross-over) to work with the DI-808HV.

The DI-808HV is an ideal solution for users needing to access corporate networks or a remote VPN (server / client). With its protective VPN security features, users can have access to corporate network as if they were in the office.

The DI-808HV includes a new, easy-to-use D-Link web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to configure the router. To prevent unwanted Internet intruders from accessing your private network, the DI-808HV also serves as a feature-rich firewall. Along with its firewall features, administrators can easily configure the network to prevent certain web sites containing explicit material to be accessed.

With the growing number of telecommuters and remote branch offices needing to share and exchange corporate data, all users will have the capability to do so with the DI-808HV. Whether you are an executive working at home or a company representative in a remote office, the D-Link Express EtherNetworkTM DI-808HV is the networking solution for you.

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