10G CX4 Media Converter for 10G SFP +
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Media Converter DMC-805X converts the signal from the standard 10G CX4 on the signal 10G SFP +. DMC-805X is equipped with a slot for SFP + optical transceivers, user-selectable, and extends the network connection for the different distances depending on the capabilities of SFP + transceiver. DMC-805X is a high performance media converter 10G, which allows you to increase the distance for servers equipped with network cards or old CX4 10G switches with port 10G CX4.
DMC-805X can be used as a standalone unit or mounted in a standard rack chassis (DMC-1000), and the control function will be available. Control Module (DMC-1002) allows users to monitor the status of DMC-805X and the power in the chassis in real time.It also sends alarm and alerts users of emergency situations. The control module meets the following industry standards, including SNMP and HTTP, which allows users to monitor and manage the chassis of a third-party SNMP management station or through a web-browser. 

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Characteristics media converter
• One-channel media conversion between 10 Gb / s SFP + and 10 Gbit / s CX4
• Support for various distances using 802.3ae/aq compatible SFP + transceivers
• Support link pass through
• The switch to preset mode full-or half-duplex
• Switch to the mode of forced or auto-negotiation
• Switch for speed
• Switch for setting the functions LLCF, LLR
• Switching mode Store-and-forward
• Support the method of back-pressure and flow control IEEE 802.3x
• Wire-speed performance
• Status LEDs on the front panel
• Use as a single unit or installation in the chassis (DMC-1000)
• Easy management via web-interface *
• Graphical User Interface (GUI) *

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Power, Link / Act / Speed
Power Input
3.4 watts of AC power
The maximum power consumption
Power on. (Standby)
the input power: 1.63 W DC 2.26 W ac
120 x 88 x 25 mm
0.29 kg
Operating temperature
From 0 to 40 C
Storage temperature
-10 To 70 C
Operating Humidity
From 10% to 90% non-condensing
CE Class A, LVD
* Only a DMC-1000 chassis


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