G.SHDSL access device
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DSL-1510G supports G.SHDSL.bis, designed to enhance the capacity of transmission media, combining Fast Ethernet channel with one, two or four wireline G.SHDSL.bis. This device enables service providers to deliver high-value-added services, while helping to reduce the cost of deployment.
The possibility of a joint deployment of equipment from different vendors 
G.SHDSL technology combines the best of technologies and SDSL HDSL2. It is designed for use DSL for voice, data and Internet access services. Its primary standard (G.991.2) was developed International Telecommunications Unions (ITU) Telecommunications Standards Sector, based in Geneva. With the use of widely applicable standard G.SHDSL, telecommunications and Internet service providers can reduce costs and achieve interoperability by deploying equipment from different manufacturers.

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DSL-1510G, 2-wire, 4-port Ethernet
The line interface - G.SHDSL.bis 
• Type: 2-wire 
• Speed: nx 64 kbit / s, n = 3 ~ 89, n = 3 ~ 213 (for extended mode)
• Standards: ITU-T G.991.2, ETSI 101 524 
• Connection protocols: IEEE 802.3ah EFM 2Base-TL; TDM; DBM; HDLC 
• Connector: 1xRJ-45 
• Line Coding: TC-PAM 16/32/64/128 
• Impedance: 135 Ohm
• ITU K.21 compliant 
Ethernet Interface 
• The type of Ethernet: 10/100 BaseT 
• Connector: RJ-45 
• 802.3x flow control support
• Auto MDI / MDIX on all ports
• Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex mode
• Supports full-duplex and full-duplex modes
The function clock source
• Internal
• resulting from the DSL line
Ethernet functions Level 2
• Supports 802.1d transparent bridge
• Supports filtering by MAC-based 
• Bandwidth control on each port (Step = 64K, up to 100M)
• Up to 2K (2048) studied MAC-addresses 
• Support for Ethernet packet size to 1518/1522/1536 bytes 
• 802.3x flow control support  
• Support for 802.1q VLAN tagging 
• Supports 802.1p QoS
• Setting up a CID-console (debug only), Telnet, WEB-interface
• Support for web-browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome 
• Console Connector: DB9 (RS232C) 
• Support for remote management 
• Diagnosis of local and remote loop
• The performance monitoring 
• TST button to verify that the DSL-connections
• The Reset button to return to the default settings 
PWR, TST, ALM, CPE, DSL 1 ~ 4, LAN 1 ~ 4

The physical parameters

• AC / DC, DC / DC external power supply (12V, 1A) 
• Dual power connector 12V DC for power backup
• Power consumption: 6 W
200 (W) x 150 (D) x 39 (H) mm
Operating conditions
• Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C   
• Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 70 C 
• Humidity: 90% non-condensing 


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