GPON OLT switch Layer 2 8-port GPON SFP Downlink, 4-port and 2-port 1G/SFP 10G/SFP + UPLINK


GPON service provides data rates up to 2.54 Gb / s fiber-optic links and support the next generation of services for the simultaneous transmission of voice, video and data services, including high-speed Internet access and video streaming. DPN-6608 provides a cost-effective technology infrastructure deployment easy, ideal for high-rise buildings (MxU), for example, hotels, educational institutions, etc.
OLT performs the function of converting the interface GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), compliant with the ITU-984.x, the interface of the main channel. OLT provides 4 interfaces 1G/SFP and 2 10G/SFP + interface as a trunk interface and supports Layer 2 features. DPN-6608 is equipped with 8-port OLT-optical modules for SFP, and each GPON interface allows you to connect up to 64 devices ONT through the optical splitter.

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