Gigabit PoE adapter (the output voltage of 5/9/12V DC)


Gigabit PoE-injector DPE-301GI compliant IEEE 802.3 at (PoE+)/802.3 af (PoE), is designed for simultaneous transmission of data and power (up to 30W) devices with support for PoE, which requires a power supply of high power such as IP cameras with PTZ function or wireless access points 802.11 ac. When using the DPE-301GI can accommodate PoE device almost anywhere in the building, for example, on the ceiling or wall of a building, not caring that nearby there are no the socket outlet. PoE-injector DPE-301GI takes advantage of Gigabit Ethernet connections, while ensuring the power supply for devices with PoE support. Connect more devices DPE-301GI is a turnkey solution for connecting to network devices with PoE support. New PoE injector supply power up to 30 watts (with the support of 802.3 at standard), which expands the range of compatible devices that can be powered by PoE from DPE-301GI. Affordable and expedient solution The use of DPE-301GI allows to avoid installation costs and additional equipment, since it provides the option to place PoE-the device almost anywhere without complicated cable systems, installation of electrical outlets in inconvenient locations. This saves the time spent on the introduction of the devices into operation. Broadband connection Gigabit PoE-injector DPE-301GI it is recommended to use at the decision of network tasks, which require high throughput data transmission. For example, when supplying power for energy-intensive devices such as network camera with PTZ and dual-band wireless devices (routers or access points).

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