Network Storage ShareCenter ™ + 2-bay hard drive and support service mydlink
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Network Storage ShareCenter ™ + 2-bay hard drive and support service mydlink DNS-327L is a handy solution for the file-sharing and backup of critical data by creating a personal "cloud". 
Remote sharing
Network Storage ShareCenter ™ + 2-bay hard drive and support service mydlink DNS-327L is equipped with a Web-server file that lets you download documents, photos and other media files wherever you are. After setting the ShareCenter benefit from the convenient Web-based user interface to browse the list of available files. 
You can also use the app mydlink Access - NAS to connect to the device and play music, view videos and photos directly on your mobile device. With the mydlink portal can easily gain remote access to media content, without complicated network configuration.
Easy Installation and Setup
Installing drives in the DNS-327L is not difficult - just remove the cover and attach the mounting disc and insert a 3.5 "SATA hard drives with up to 4TB. Click the snap to gain access to the drive bays, and then install them. Convenient USB port on the back of the ShareCenter can be used for connecting the USB-printer, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or an external USB-drive to perform backups at the touch of a button.
When sharing the DNS-327L Cloud Router and D-Link technology can be applied Zero Configuration, which greatly simplifies the setup DNS-327L. Simply select the type of RAID, and the mechanism of Zero Configuration will perform the rest of the work.
Streaming media content using built-in media server
Back up your media files for secure storage on the ShareCenter and take advantage of built-in DLNA media server UPnP AV to stream digital media content to compatible media players such as the PlayStation ® 3, Microsoft ® Xbox 360 ™, or directly on the Smart TV . You can also get access to photos, music and videos remotely via mobile devices.
High performance and flexibility
ShareCenter supports hard drives in four different configurations (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1) in order to select the best of them, depending on your requirements. In Standard mode creates two separate hard disks available. JBOD combines both drives into one volume. RAID 0 combines both drives in a striped array for maximum performance when using a compound of Gigabit Ethernet. In RAID 1, the contents of one hard drive is duplicated on the other, providing maximum reliability. If one drive fails, the other will continue to operate separately as long as there is no replacement of a failed drive. DNS-327L supports hot-swappable drives, thanks to which the failed drive can be replaced easily, and then the data will be automatically copied to the new disk, allowing the array ShareCenter return to full level of protection, while maintaining the integrity of the files.

Genel Özellikler

Fiziksel Özellikler
• IEEE 802.3
• IEEE 802.3ab
• IEEE 802.3u
• TCP / IP
• DHCP-Client
• FTP over SSL / TLS, FXP
• PnP-X
• USB 3.0
• Bonjour
• WebDAV
Supported types of hard drives
• Internal 3.5 "SATA I / II - Support for hard disk capacity of 4 TB or more 1
• Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
• USB 3.0 port
• Power
• Power
• LAN (on port LAN)
• HDD 1
• HDD 2
Disk Management
• Multiple hard drive configurations
  - RAID 0
  - RAID 1
  - JBOD
  - Standard
• Migration of RAID: from Standard to RAID 1
• The format of the file system: EXT4
• Scan Disk
• Support for Advanced Format HDD (Advanced Format)
Account Management
• User Account Control
• Account Management teams
• Quota Management User / Group
• Network Access Control
• Management of mounting disk images
Manage downloads
• Schedule downloads on HTTP / FTP
• Download Peer to peer (P2P)
Backup Management
• Schedule a backup from PC to NAS (D-Link ShareCenter Sync)
• Schedule a local backup
• Schedule remote backup
• Supports Apple Time Machine
• Backup USB-devices
• Backup Storage Cloud (Amazon S3) 
Device control
• Browser support:
  - Internet Explorer 7 or above
  - Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher
  - Apple Safari 4 or higher
• The Wizard system (Win / Mac)
• Utility D-Link Storage (Win / Mac)
• Notification by e-mail
• Notification via SMS
• The journal system / FTP
Power Management
• Power Save Mode
• Automatic power recovery
• Turning the power on schedule
• Fan speed control
• Technology D-Link Green Ethernet
Remote file sharing
• File Web-server
• FTP-server
• WebDAV
• Access to your mobile device
• Access to the mydlink portal
File Sharing
• Max. number of user accounts: 256 people
• Max. the number of group accounts: 32 groups
• Max. the number of public folders, folder 128
• Max. Samba-concurrent connections: 64 connections
• Max. the number of simultaneous FTP-connections: 10 connections

Fiziksel Özellikler

90 x 144,3 x 195,3 mm
640 grams
External power supply 12 V DC / 3 A
Power consumption
• 28,8 W in normal mode
• 11,4 W in sleep mode
• Operating: 0 to 40 C
• Storage: -20 to 70 C
From 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
• CE
• IC
1 The maximum capacity varies with the development of production technology of hard drives.
See a list of compatible hard drives on ftp.dlink.ru


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