KVM cable to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor, 5 m


5 m cable for KVM KVM-403 is designed to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse and is compatible with D-Link DKVM series trigger. KVM-403 - This cable "four in one" package, which is a VGA cable (with 15-pin connectors HDD "Dad") to connect a VGA monitor and a USB 2.0 cable (with USB connectors), whose one end is connected to the computer, and the other - the KVM switches.

KVM-403 - This cable is "four in one". It saves space, as it integrates several cables into one. Each cable has a color coded (PC99), and mis-connection is not possible. Each cable must also feritomagnetinę core, which reduces electromagnetic (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI).

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