2-port Internet Server for SOHO Networks
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Share ISP Accounts
With only one ISP account, your entire network can logon to the Internet. This device’s built-in DHCP server function and NAT support automatically create and assign IP addresses to all network users, simplifying users’ logon operation while saving you the cost of keeping individual ISP accounts.

Share Modems
Through one modem, your entire network can access the nternet. Modem sharing eliminates the need for a separate modem, phone line and phone charge for each individual user.

Analog and ISDN Support
The device provides 2 high-speed COM ports through which analog modems or ISDN terminal adapters can be attached. This allows internet access to be flexibly made through either the ordinary phone line or the higher-speed ISDN. The presence of the 2 COM ports permits you to double the WAN bandwidth when the traffic gets busy.

Cost-saving Dial-on-Demand
The device’s dial-on-demand function allows your network to establish a line connection when needed without requiring users’ intervention. Using inactivity timer, the device disconnects the line when there is no traffic. It re-connects the line when traffic flow is again detected.
Easy Configuration
Setting up the device for running is easy. You can select to administer the Internet server in-band through a Windows- based program, through Telnet, or through a web browser. Current setting and operational status can be displayed for monitoring and control purposes.
Auto-sensing 10/100Mbps LAN Port
Network connection is through an 10/100Mbps dual-speed port that supports both Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. The port auto-detects the network speed and adjusts to use the correct one completely without user’s need to configure.


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