AirPremier 802.11g Indoor Wireless Access Point


The  D-Link  AirPremier  DWL-3260AP  is  a  powerful and  reliable  wireless  access  point  for  business-class enterprise environments. Designed for indoor installation, this access point provides advanced functions including 108Mbps  Turbo  speed,  security,  Quality  of  Service (QoS),  and  Power  over  Ethernet  (PoE)  for  network administrators to deploy a highly manageable and robust
wireless network.

Up to 108Mbps Wireless Speed. The DWL-3260AP delivers reliable  wireless  performance  with  standard  802.11g wireless  throughput  rates  of  up  to  54Mbps.  *It  has  the added  capability  of  reaching  maximum  wireless  signal rates of up  to 108Mbps  (Turbo mode) powered by D-Link 108G  technology.  At  the  same  time,  the  DWL-3260AP remains fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g standards.

Power Over Ethernet Support. For maximum coverage, the DWL-3260AP can be placed at out-of-the-way locations such as on a ceiling, using a mounting plate.  Industry-standard 802.3af PoE support facilitates installation of this device on high places, where AC outlets are inaccessible and  providing  power  to  these  locations  is  diffcult  and expensive. From the ceiling, the DWL-3260AP can obtain 
power  from a PoE switch  located as  far as 100 meters away  through  the  existing  network  cable,  doing  away with the need to install separate power wiring.

Ceiling Mounting. The DWL-3260AP has a round shape and can be camoufaged as a smoke detector to distract the  attention  of  network  intruders.  Its  diagnostic  LED can  be  turned  off  to make  it  appear  even more  like  a smoke detector.

Advanced  Wireless  Security.  Since  wireless  security remains a  strong concern among businesses,  the DWL-3260AP provides the latest wireless security technologies by  supporting  both  WPA/WPA2-Enterprise  and  802.1x to  ensure  complete  network  protection.  In  addition, the  DWL-3260AP  currently  comes  802.11i-ready  to  fully support  industrial grade wireless security. Other security features  included  in this Access Point are MAC Address Filtering,  Wireless  LAN  segmentation,  Broadcast  SSID Disabled, and support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data encryption.

WDS (Wireless Distribution System) Support. To maximize total  return  on  investment,  the  DWL-3260AP  can  be confgured  to  operate  as  an  access  point  (AP mode),  a point-to-point bridge or a point-to-multipoint bridge (WDS mode). In the AP mode, the DWL-3260AP uses its built-in omni-directional antenna for multi-angle coverage. In the WDS mode,  the DWL-3260AP can be mounted on a high wall  and  externally  ftted  with  an  optional  directional antenna  through  its  SMA  connector.  Users will  disable the built-in antenna through a slide switch, and the DWL-3260AP  will  communicate  only  with  wireless  bridges using  the  external  directional  antenna, without  allowing wireless clients or workstations to access them.

Increased  Network  Flexibility  and  Effciency.  The DWL-3260AP  supports  multiple  SSIDs,  allowing  you  to separate applications based on security and performance requirements. You can enable encryption and authentication on one SSID to protect private applications and no security on another SSID to maximize open connectivity for public usage.  Multiple  SSIDs  means  you  can  mix  and  match the  broadcasting  of  SSIDs.  For  public  Internet  access applications, you can broadcast  the SSID  to enable user radio cards to automatically fnd available access points For private applications, you can disable SSID broadcast to prevent intruders from identifying your network. You can set the number of users that can associate via a particular SSID to control usage of particular applications. This can help provide a somewhat limited form of bandwidth contro for particular applications.

Cost  Saving  and  Mobile  Applications.  By  supporting multiple SSIDs,  the DWL-3260AP  allows  you  to  logically divide your access point into several virtual access points all within a single hardware platform. Rather than having two separate WLANs, you can deploy one access point to support more than one application, such as public Internet access and internal network control to increase fexibility and keep costs down.

Advanced Network Management. Network administrators can manage  all  the DWL-3260AP’s  settings  via  its web-based  confguration  utility  or with  Telnet.  For  advanced network management, the administrators can use D-Link’s AP Manager  or  D-View  SNMP management module  to confgure  and  manage  multiple  access  points  from  a single  location. In addition to a streamlined management process,  network  administrators  can  also  verify  and conduct  regular  maintenance  checks  without  wasting resources  by  sending  personnel  out  to  physically  verify proper operation.

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