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Live internet Streaming
With DIB-120 HD IP Set Top Box, enjoy streaming digital media content over any broadband IP network. DIB-120 is designed to work over the Internet where there might be network traffc surges and congestions. An interactive navigation menu creates a vision that allows users to access and enjoy a growing catalog of online entertainment, sports and news. Anyone with broadband access can watch HDTV videos at a time that’s convenient to them, in the comfort of their own homes.

Video on demand Service
The DIB-120 offers high-defnition video in HD Video decode support (MPEG2 MP@HL / H.264 MPEG-4 part10 MP@L4). It allows users to watch online media content form a Video on demand (VOD) server to a High-defnition TV (HDTV) or Standard-defnition TV (SDTV). VOD server delivers a breathtaking visual experience to your TV and allows easy browsing of online music, photos, videos, gaming, email and news. With online streaming VOD, control and convenience is placed back in the hands of the consumer.

High definition video experience
Listen to high-quality digital music on a stereo system, share digital photos with friends and family, and watch your favorite high-defnition digital videos on a big screen HDTV. You can be sure that DIB-120 will provide the highest quality video experience. Simply plug in the STB to the IP network and home theater system, and the full functionality of IPTV is ready to access.
Experience digital media like never before in your living room with D-Link’s DIB-120

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