56Kbps V.92/V.90 PCI Controller-less Modem Card
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High Performance
This modem card is equipped many on-board components designed to process many communication tasks. The on-board controllers take over many of the tasks from the PC host, alleviating it of the overheads that otherwise would have been required by a software-based modem card.

Low Cost Internet Connection
The DFM-562I modem plugs into any wall phone socket, acting as a dialer when prompted by the computer. This low-cost device allows home users to surf the Internet or access email without the need for costly DSL, cable modem or ISDN subscriptions. 

Data & Fax Transmission
The DFM-562I modem offers a fax transfer send and receive rate of up to 14.4Kbps in addition to communications software that is compatible with AT commands. This modem performs V.42bis & MNP 2-4 data compression and error correction for fast and reliable transmission/reception.



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