NETDEFEND Rackmount VPN Firewall
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The NetDefend family of Firewall/VPN Security Appliances is D-Link's answer for hardware-based network security. The new DFL-1600 NetDefend Network Security Rackmount VPN Firewall is an easy-to-deploy VPN and firewall solution designed for enterprise and small-to-medium sized businesses that demand superior performance and security.

The DFL-1600 Rackmount VPN Firewall is a powerful security solution that provides integrated Network Address Translation (NAT), SPI Firewall, advanced content filtering features, IDS protection, bandwidth management, as well as Virtual Private Network (VPN) support. The DFL-1600 includes six configurable gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used for LAN, WAN, and DMZ. All of these features conveniently fit into a 1U rack-mountable chassis that can be easily integrated into your switch/server rack.

To provide enterprise-class network security, the DFL-1600 has several flexible firewall features to manage, monitor, and maintain a healthy and secure network. Network management features include: Remote Management, Bandwidth Control Policies, URL/Keyword Blocking, Access Policies, and SNMP. For network monitoring, the DFL-1600 supports e-mail alerts, system log, consistency checks, and real-time statistics. For at a glance monitoring, the 20x2 line LCM display provides hardware status info as well as alert events to enable visual verifications. These features along with a firmware backup function provide and maintain maximum network performance and security.

For optimal VPN configuration, the DFL-1600 has both an integrated VPN Client and Server to support almost any required VPN policy. This high-end appliance has a hardware VPN engine to support and manage up to 1200 VPN connections. The DFL-1600 can support IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols in Client/Server mode and can handle pass-through traffic as well. Advanced VPN configuration options include: DES/3DES/AES/Twofish/Blowfish/CAST-128 encryption, Manual or IKE/ISAKMP key management, Quick/Main/Aggressive Negotiation modes, and VPN authentication support using either an external RADIUS server or the internal 500-user database.

Additional network control features supported by the DFL-1600 include 802.1q VLAN tagging and extensive High Availability (HA) features. VLAN tagging supports integration of the DFL-1600 into your rack system with L2/L3 managed switches to segment your network and prioritize traffic. HA options include WAN Fail-Over, Active/Passive Modes, Device Failure Detection, Link Failure Detection, and Session Synchronization. Additionally, support for Active Clustering or Load Balancing optimizes network uptime and performance.

The DFL-1600 Rackmount VPN Firewall can be configured via D-Link's Web-based interface and monitored using the Command Line Interface (CLI). These configuration options can be managed through Admin, Read/Write, or Read-Only administrator rights. With these access management levels, any authorized user can easily configure or access the administrative functions of the DFL-1600.

With businesses becoming increasingly network-dependent, the need to invest in a reliable security solution is crucial. The D-Link DFL-1600 NetDefend Network Security Rackmount VPN Firewall offers high return on investment through robust security features, flexible configuration, and maximum network protection.


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