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Convenient and reliable video recording
NVR DNR-322L - a stand-alone storage device that can record video with a few (nine) cameras on the selected hard drive space, eliminating the need to turn on the computer. Thanks to technology mydlink DNR-322L provides remote monitoring and playback via Web-browser to the site mydlink or Web-based NVR. Video DNR-322L can continue to record video, while the user browses or searches for the video. Through a set of video management functions DNR-322L is a convenient and effective solution.
Multifunctional CCTV
The users have a wide range of options for viewing and organizing video on the screen. In a system with multiple channels, users can use the mouse to move the selected camera in the viewing area. The names of cameras and recording status are displayed on the screen. You can view video from a camera in full screen mode with a two-way transmission of sound. Users can control the functions of PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom), using the buttons interface or by directly clicking on the video.
Secure storage of data
Administrators can filter the external connections to the NVR for IP-address, restricting access and thereby improving safety. Administrators can also assign access rights for users by selecting the camera, which will be allowed access. Periodically or when necessary, you can save the recorded data on the additional storage device. NVR also supports an option to protect data using RAID 1 configuration, which doubles the data recorded on two different disk. In the event of failure of one of the hard drive stores data on the second disk. Also, a second hard drive can be activated by a file server and installed on a Windows system as a network drive.
Enhanced video
Intuitive interface DNR-322L lets you easily customize options such as compression codec, resolution and frame rate for all connected cameras. After installing the cameras can perform continuous recording or recording on a schedule specified by the user. NVR also provides a record on the basis of certain triggering events, such as motion detection.

מאפיינים כללים

• Linux operating system
Supported Cameras
• Supports all network cameras D-Link. Also supports automatic detection and resolution of 3 Megapixels.
Characteristics of writing
• Max. performance (only NVR):
  + H.264 1080P (baud rate): 90 Mbit / s
  + H.264 720P (baud rate): 90 Mbit / s
  + MJPEG 1080P (fps): 90 fps
  + MJPEG 720P (fps): 192 fps
• Max. performance (NVR + file server):
  + H.264 1080P (baud rate): 68 Mbit / s
  + H.264 720P (baud rate): 68 Mbit / s
  + MJPEG 1080P (fps): 70 fps
  + MJPEG 720P (fps): 150 fps
Search for the camera
• UPnP
Record audio and video
• Simultaneous recording of audio and video
Compression format
• H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG (on supported cameras)
Video settings
• Resolution, quality, frame rate, the inclusion of audio, the transition to the camera interface
Type of record
• Scheduled recording, manual or event-
• Motion Detection Recording
• Remote viewing of video in real time
• Support for remote viewing via Internet Explorer (maximum number of channels - 9)
• Portal mydlink (Max number of channels - 1)
Managing remote video in real time
• Video in real time, preset (preset) / go (go), patrolling, focus, function PTZ, snapshot, full screen mode, digital zoom, e-map, Simultaneous display (1/4/6/9/16/25 / 36/48) channels
Managing remote playback
• Playing with the normal functions of rewind, fast forward / backward and step forward / backward
Remote playback
• Playing through Internet Explorer and the NVR-client
• The system of play with the scale of time, searching for the event, area, cameras, date and time
• IE and NVR-client support playback of a single channel
• Digital zoom
Function Overwrite (overwrites)
• Auto recycling when filling the space on your hard drive
Exporting files
• Export video to AVI or ASF
• Export images in BMP or JPG format
A user account
• Creating additional user accounts to allow users access to the system, as well as set the authorization for the channels cameras, PTZ, etc.
System time
• Setting the system time (D-Link NTP, enter the time manually synchronizing with the computer, the mode of Daylight Saving Time)
• Support DDNS-server D-Link
Remote backup
• Remote software can create a backup copy of the raw data on a secondary storage device
• Automatic backup of videos from previous days on the FTP-Server
System status
• Position the camera system status
• Support for EMAP
Network protocols
• DHCP-client
• NTP-client (D-Link)
• DNS-client
• DDNS-client (D-Link)
• SMPT-client
• HTTP-server
• UPnP
• Filtering of IP-addresses
User interface
• Web-portal Mydlink - Internet Explorer v6 or higher
• HTTP Web-browser - Internet Explorer 7 or higher (32 bit)
• NVR Search Tool
Hardware Specifications
• IEEE 802.3/u/z
• Auto MDI / MDI-X
HDD (hard disk) 1
• Control and management of the hard drive from a computer
• Reformatting a hard disk
• RAID 02
• RAID 12
Two modes of reset
• Reset through a Web-based interface
• Reset by pressing on the body (hold for 5 seconds)
Flash ROM
• 128 MB
• 128MB DDR II
Network Interface
• LAN-port Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbit / s)
I / O ports
• RJ-45 port
• DC-in jack
• USB-port for updating the status of the UPS (optional)


נתונים פיזיים

Power consumption
• Max. Power Consumption: Tues 25.20
• Max. power consumption mode, standby: 0,23 Tues
• 115 x 146.4 x 178.5 mm
• 0.875 kg
Operating temperature
• From 0 ˚ to 55 ˚ C
Storage temperature
• From -20 ˚ to 70 ˚ C
• 5% to 90% (no condensation)
• CE
• RoHS
• Video Recorder NVR
• Power Adapter
• Ethernet cable
• Quick Installation Guide
• Clamp the power cable
• CD-ROM c:
   + Software
   + Documentation for the product




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