מודם/פקס 56K V.92/V.90 PCI
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Modem DFM-562I - a high-performance analog modem 56 Kbit / s standard V.92/V.90 without the hardware controller, designed for desktop computers. It is installed into a PCI slot and connect your computer to a telephone line, providing home users and small office users to access the Internet through a switched telephone line.

High performance
The modem includes many built-in components designed to perform most of the communication functions. Located on the motherboard controllers offload the CPU computer, assuming the implementation of many of the functions from the CPU implementation which requires regular software modem.

Cost-effective connection to the Internet
DFM-562I modem plugs into any telephone wall jack, the device playing the role of the dial at the request of the computer. This inexpensive device allows home users to surf the Internet or work e-mail without using an expensive DSL or cable modem connection or ISDN.

Data & Fax
In addition to communications software that is compatible with AT commands, DFM-562I modem to send and receive faxes at speeds up to 14.4 kbit / s. The modem implements a data compression and error correction V.42bis and MNP 2-4 for fast and reliable transmission / reception of data.

מאפיינים כללים

PC interface
• Bus PCI 2.1, 2.2

Connecting to a telephone line
• For PSTN lines via an RJ-11

Data transfer
• BELL 103 and 212A, ITU-T V.21 (300 bit / s), ITU-T V.22 (1200 bits / s), ITU-T V.23 (1200/75 bit / s), ITU-T V .22 bis (2400 bit / s), ITU-T V.32 (9600/4800 bit / s), ITU-T V.32 bis (14400/7200/1200 bit / s), ITU-T V.34 bis (33600/28800 bits / s), ITU-T V.90, ITU-T V.92 (Quick Connect Theory of Operation, Modem-on-hold, PCM Upstream, data compression V.44)
• Sending a fax
• Transmit / receive G3 Fax, ITU-T V.27ter (2400 bit / s), ITU-T V.29 (9600 bits / s), ITU-T V.17 (14400 bit / s)

Error correction
• MNP 2-4/V.42 LAPM

Data compression
• MNP 5/V.42 bs/V.44

Set of commands
• EIA / TIA 578 Class 1 & T.31 Class 1.0

Flow control
• XON / XOFF, RTS / CTS (default)

Code changes alphabet (Escape Code)

• Tone / Pulse

Other features
• Fast buffering, automatic selection of transmission format / speed, auto-reconnect

Drivers are available for the following operating systems:
• Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP

נתונים פיזיים

Operating temperature
• From 0 to 55 C

Storage temperature
• -10 To 70 C

• 5% to 95% without condensation

• 120 x 65 mm

EMI Certifications
• FCC Class B
• CE Mark Class B
• C-Tick

Telecommunications certificates
• FCC Part 68
• CTR-21
• A-Tick

• LVD (EC 60950)

• Modem DFM-562I
• RJ-11
• Quick Installation Guide
• CD (includes User's Guide, driver and software)




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