1000BASE-LX GBIC Gigabit Ethernet Module 3.3V (10Km)


Hot Swappable
All D-Link GBIC transceivers are hot-swappable. You can remove or replace the GBIC transceiver with the system powered on. This permits modules and GBICs to be added or swapped without interrupting the network.

Full Size GBIC

All transceivers described in this datasheet have full GBIC size. (D-Link Mini GBIC transceivers are described in a separate brochure). These transceivers slide into a full-size GBIC slot. They provide the necessary signal amplification for data to be transmitted to the network cable from the port, and vice versa, for the port to receive data from the network cable.

Applications of the fiber transceivers include distributed multi-processing, Gigabit switch cascading, high-speed I/O file transfer, bus extension application, and channel extender/data storage.

General features

Single-mode Fiber Transceiver (10 km)
- SC 1000BASE-LX port (IEEE 802.3z standard)
- Full duplex operation
- 802.3x flow control support
- Fiber type: 9um single-mode fiber up to 10 km
- Wave length: 1310 m
- Power support: 3.3V
- Power budget: 10.5dB 


Order info

GBIC Transceiver
  For 1000BASE-LX, single-mode fiber, 10 km max.


Front view


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