DGS-3100-48EOL EOS

Hallatav liidetav 2.kihi kommutaator, 44 x 10/100/1000Base-T porti + 4 x 1000Base-T/Mini GBIC (SFP) kombo porti
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The DGS-3100 series switches are managed Layer 2 Gigabit stackable switches designed T as feature-rich, low-cost devices in the entry-level network management category. These switches provide wide-ranging port densities and up to 20Gbps physical stacking. Outstanding features include scalable expansion, SFP fiber links, comprehensive network security, granular bandwidth control and extensive network management. Small to medium businesses (SMBs) looking for a flexible, advanced and affordable solution can deploy these switches to set up Gigabit connections to their desktops or build up a company-wide network backbone.

Physical Stacking.
Each of the DGS-3100 series switches comes with 2 dedicated HDMI stacking ports, each providing 5Gbps stacking bandwidth (up to 20Gbps for the overall system in full-duplex mode, bi-directional). Up to 6 units, 288 10/100/1000Mbps ports can be stacked up in a linear or fault-tolerant Ring topology. A stack can consist of 10/100/1000Mbps switches, 10/100/1000Mbps PoE switches, or a combination of both types, with up to 96 SFP fiber links. Units can be gradually added to the stack to accommodate growth, while expansion beyond a single stack is possible using Gigabit port trunks between stacks, or from stack to network backbone and server paths.

Security & Availability. The DGS-3100 stack includes many security features including Access Control List (ACL), 802.1X Port-Based/MAC-Based Access Control and 802.1X Guest VLAN to make network access available to authorized users. To prevent malicious attacks and virus/worm affection from overwhelming the switch with unnecessary workload, the DGS-3100 stack provides the D-Link Safeguard Engine function to increase the switch's reliability and availability.

Resilience/Performance Enhancement. To enhance network resilience, the DGS-3100 stack provides Spanning Tree protocols, including 802.1D, 802.1w and 802.1s for redundant bridge paths. 802.3ad Link Aggregation provides the aggregated bandwidth between switches or server. For Quality of Service (QoS), it supports 802.1p Priority Queues and packet classification based on TOS, DSCP, MAC, IP, VLAN ID and L4 protocol types, enabling Internet voice, video and streaming media applications to run smoothly. Traffic Monitoring/Bandwidth Control. Network administrators can define throughput levels for each port to manage bandwidth. The bandwidth limiting feature provides fine granularity with the ability to define limits down to 64Kbps segments. Broadcast storm control can reduce the level of damage that a virus attack can do to the network. The switch provides IGMP snooping 2 and MLD snooping  to control multicast transmission, and port mirroring to facilitate diagnostics.

Management. The DGS-3100 stack supports standard-based management protocols such as SNMP, RMON, Telnet, Web GUI and SSH/SSL security authentication. With DHCP auto-configuration, the administrator can pre-set configurations and save them in a TFTP server, and individual switches can boot their IP from the server and load in the pre-set configurations. 


  • 28 x 10/100/1000BASE-T porti
  • 4 SFP kombo porti
  • Konsoolport RS-232 

    Füüsiline stack 
  • Stack pordid HDMI - 2
  • Kommutaatorite maksimaalne arv, stack-i ühendatud - 6
  • Läbilaskeriba:
    - Lineaarse topoloogia jaoks: kuni 10 Gbit/s
    - Ringtopoloogia jaoks: kuni 20 Gbit/s

  • Kommutaatori sisemine lülituskiirus -118 Gbit/s
  • Paketide edastuskiirus – 86,31 Mpps
  • MAC-aadressite tabeli suurus - 8 К
  • Bufferi suurus - 1,5 MB
  • Jumbo freimide toetus: 10,240 baiti

    Teise taseme funktsioonid
  • MAC-aadressite tabel: 8K
  • Voojuhtimine
    - Voojuhtimine 802.3x
    - HOL blokeerimise ennetamine
  • Jumbo freimide toetus kuni 10240 baiti
  • IGMP snooping
    - IGMP v1/v2 Snooping
    - Kuni 256 gruppi toetus
    - IGMP Snooping Fast Leave
  • MLD Snooping *
    - MLD v1/v2 Snooping
    - 128 gruppi toetus
  • Spanning Tree
    - 802 .1D STP
    - 802.1w RSTP
    - 802.1s MSTP
  • BPDU filtreerimine pordi/seadme põhjal
  • Loopback Detection
  • Portide agregeerimine 802.3ad Link
    - Max 32 gruppi seadme kohta / 8 porti grupi kohta
  • Portide peegeldamine
    - One-to-One
    - Many-to-One

  • VLAN grupid:
    - 256 staatilist VLAN gruppi
    - 256 dünaamilist VLAN gruppi
  • 802.1Q Tagged VLAN
  • GVRP

    QoS (Teenusekvaliteet)
  • QoS 802.1p
  • 4 järjekorda
  • Järjekordade töötlemine
    - Strict
    - Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
    - Strict + WRR
  • QoS põhineb
    - Kommutaatori pordid
    - VLAN ID
    - Järjekordade prioriteetsus 802.1р
    - МАС-aadress
    - Ether type
    - IPv4-aadress
    - DSCP
    - Protokolli tüüp
    - TCP/UDP pordi number
  • Ligipääsuriba juhtimine
    - Pordi põhjal (sissetulev, sammuga kuni 3500 Kbit/s; väljaminev, sammuga 64 Kbit/s)

  • Maksimaalne profiilide arv: 15 profiili, 240 reeglit
  • ACL
    - Prioriteetsus 802.1р
    - VLAN ID
    - Ether type
    - МАС-aadress
    - IPv4-aadress
    - DSCP
    - Protokolli tüüp
    - TCP/UDP pordi number
  • ACL aja baasil (Time Based ACL) *

  • SSH v2
  • SSH v3
  • Port security: 16 МАС-aadressi pordi kohta
  • Broadcast/monocast tormi juhtimine
  • Private VLAN
  • Link Safeguard Engine

    AAA (autentimine, autoriseerimine, kasutajate tunnuste haldamine)
  • Ligipääsu juhtimine 802.1x pordi/МАС-aadressi baasil
  • Guest VLAN
  • RADIUS/TACACS+ autentimine

  • Web GUI graafiline liides
  • Käsurealiides CLI
  • Telnet- server/klient
  • TFTP-klient
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • SNMP traps
  • System Log raamat
  • RMON v1
  • BootP/DHCP – klient
  • DHCP-autokonfigureerimine
  • Kahe tarkvara koopiate toetus (Dual Image)
  • Kahe konfiguratsiooni koopiate toetus (Dual configuration)
  • CPU monitooring
  • SNTP

    Standardid MIB/IETF
  • RFC1213 MIB-II
  • RFC1493 Bridge MIB
  • RFC1907 SNMPv2 MIB
  • RFC1757, 2819 RMON MIB
  • RFC1643,2358,2665 Ether-like MIB
  • RFC2674 802.1p MIB
  • RFC2233, 2863 IF MIB
  • RFC2618 RADIUS Authentication Client MIB
  • RFC2925 Ping & Traceroute MIB
  • D-Link Private MIB
  • RFC768 UDP
  • RFC783 TFTP
  • RFC791 IP
  • vRFC792 ICMP
  • RFC793 TCP
  • RFC826 ARP
  • RFC854 Telnet
  • RFC951, 1542 BootP
  • RFC2068 HTTP
  • RFC2138 RADIUS
  • RFC2139,2866 RADIUS Accounting
  • RFC1492 TACACS
  • RFC1157 SNMPv1
  • RFC1901, 1908 SNMPv2c
  • RFC2570,2575 SNMPv3

    * Funktsioon muutub saadavaks tarkvara järgmistes versioonides.



DGS-3100-48 Hallatav liidetav 2.kihi kommutaator, 44 x 10/100/1000Base-T porti, 4 kombo porti 1000Base-T/SFP

Lisa SFP transiiverid
DEM-310GT SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3 V
DEM-311GT SFP transiiver 1000BASE-SX, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 550 m, 3.3 V
DEM-312GT2 SFP transiiver 1000BASE-SX, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 2 km, 3.3 V
DEM-314GT SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LH, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 50 km, 3.3 V
DEM-315GT SFP transiiver 1000BASE-ZX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 80 km, 3.3 V
DEM-210 SFP transiiver 100BASE-FX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 15 km, 3.3 V
DEM-211 SFP transiiver 100BASE-FX, MMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 2 km, 3.3 V
DEM-220T SFP transiiver 100BASE-BX, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 20 km
DEM-220R SFP transiiver 100BASE-BX, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 20 km

Lisa WDM transiiverid
DEM-330T SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1550 nm, Rx: 1310 nm)
DEM-330R SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LX,SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 10 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1310 nm, Rx:1550 nm)
DEM-331T SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 40 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1550 nm, Rx: 1310 nm)
DEM-331R SFP transiiver 1000BASE-LX, SMF, maksimaalne vahemaa kuni 40 km, 3.3 V, WDM (Tx: 1310 nm, Rx:1550 nm)

DPS-500 Varutoiteallikas 140 W
DPS-800 Šassii varutoiteplokkide jaoks 2 pesaga
DPS-900 Šassii varutoiteplokkide jaoks 8 pesaga

Lisa juhtimistarkvara
DV-600S ja DV-600P võrguhaldustarkvara D-View 6.0 SNMP




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