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Беспроводной гигабитный сервисный маршрутизатор с резервированием WAN портов

Обновление ПО от 20.06.2017

Firmware Version 2.12 RU
Date Jun. 20, 2017

New Features
1. Static route can be displayed in Route Information.
2. 3G/4G dongle with PIN code password support.
3. DWM-222 4G LTE Dongle support
4. DWM-156 A8, DWM-157 C1 and DWM-158 E1 3G dongle support
5. PPTP/L2TP client support auto-connect option
6. Support single IP or IP range to be Whitelist and Blacklist for URL filtering and Web Content Filtering

Problems Fixed
1. Wireless Lan information in "Mode" filed is not showing proper information
2. DNS configured in Router is not working.
3. Proper error message is not displaying error message when user enters wrong value for dnat_ipaddress field from CLI.
4. DHCP Pool lease Range command via CLI is not verified and limited as GUI setting page.
5. Not able to create access point from CLI.
6. Not able to get I.P when WAN is configured as PPPoE as Reconnect mode as Always on or On Demand.
7. Web UI can’t properly show language package and IPsec SAs info.
8. CLI command shows port link speed even WAN link is down.
9. Help content correction in Approved Urls page.
10. Change the Severity of logs from error to Information for some system logging.
11. Unable to support '/' (slash) character in Approved URL.
12. DHCP relay functionality is not working in classical routing mode.
13. WEB GUI access is getting slow when logging is enable.
14. NAT lookback is not work when bandwidth management for in-bound traffic is enable.
15. Unable to get WAN up when WAN type in Russian dual access is configured with Static IPs and server is configured with domain name.
16. Need to support all characters {excluding double quotes("), back slash (\) and space characters} in PSK of IPSec policy from GUI and CLI.
17. Display 2.4G SSID Error at Port VLAN configuration page in Wireless VLAN list.
18. Unable to send traffic through IPSec tunnel sometimes after enabling the logs in the device.
19. Unable to establish IPSEC with X-Auth user authentication with DFL-860E.
20. Unable to change the time zone after activating the WCF free trial license.
21. Maximum log entries are not reaching up to 1500 lines in GUI Page.
22. Able to configure as ip address field in traffic selector page.
23. E-mail server address field only allows 32 characters.
24. Unable to get IP using DWM-156 A3.
25. Support “auto-detect MSS” for PPPoE WAN type, and disable “Block UDP flood” by default.
26. LAN client IP responds ICMP reply to WAN side in a specific scenario.
27. WEBUI critical error when importing Easy setup site to site VPN tunnel.
28. From Setup wizard, user is Unable to configure local network or remote network fields with network address in IPSEC GW-GW policy.
29. Unable to access internet through Windows L2TP/IPSec client.
30. Dashboard information incorrect.
31. DSR-1000N 5GHz Wireless LAN information in Channel filed is not showing proper format.
32. Unknown logs correction from CLI.
33. Change Severity of LAN/WAN & WAN/LAN Kernel logs from Warning to Information.
34. Unable to add SNMP Access list with same IP, Subnet Mask and different community, privileges.
35. Device should be able to configure PPTP client IP pool in LAN Subnet.
36. Unable to add second routing policy at protocol binding Page for same WAN, Service 'ANY', same destination Range but different source range address.
37. WiFi schedule control display GUI error.
38. Custom NTP service is not syncing with Selected TimeZone.
39. WAN2 IP is seen after WAN1 is restarted in load balancing mode.
40. Showing wrong VLAN info in Web UI.
41. DSR PPTP Client does not stay connected with a PPTP server on Windows server.
42. WAN port is coming up after click “renew” button in Transparent mode.
43. Unable to set WAN port speed from GUI.
44. Remove MAC traffic selector Match type option for Inbound traffic of the bandwidth profile.
45. Allow 64 characters for PPPoE password.
46. Remote firmware upgrade through PPPoE WAN is failing.
47. Disallowing Service name in WAN settings page for L2TP/PPTP Server Address.
48. Unable to redirect to Captive portal page when we are try to browse any https web site.
49. Device is showing Radio 1 or Radio 2 instead of 5.0 GHz or 2.5 GHz for connected clients in wireless clients page.
50. Unable to edit the access point setting with schedules.

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