Network Secure Firewall for SOHO
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Complete Security
Your  office is connected to the outside world through the Internet. It is  easy for hackers  to intrude your  databases to steal or destroy data. The DFL-500 provides a wide range of  protection against outside attacks, plus comprehensive security that includes  user authentication, scheduled policies and Virtual Server Mapping.  The DFL-500 provides NAT translation of IP addresses from the internal private network to the public IP network.

Content Filtering & Virus Scanning
The DFL-500 provides  filtering of potentially malicious codes embedded in web pages, can remove Active objects, java, JavaScript and other potential threats.  It provides virus  scanning for all  incoming and outgoing email and attachments, plus virus  check for Web plug-ins and downloaded Web content.

Easy Installation
All you need to do is  connect the network cables. To the outside world, you hook the RJ-45 plug to your  DSL/cable modem, Internet gateway or router.  To your office,  you plug in another RJ-45 jack to your  network switch or  hub. The DFL-500 provides CPU,  system memory and embedded software, all ready to run.

Access Control
Administration access can be controlled such that the DFL-500 can be administered from the protected internal network or the external public Internet.  The DFL-500 supports an internal  database for authenticating user access to various services.  It maps public IP addresses to information servers on the internal network to allow public access. It also prevents access to particular web sites,  using powerful  pattern matching to block access  to URLs.

Scheduled Policies
Firewall policies may be scheduled for  different times of the day/week/month and for  one time use or recurring.

Remote Access
The DFL-500 supports  VPN functions including IPSec, ESP security in tunnel  mode, LAN-to-LAN  and mobile remote access.

VPN Hardware Acceleration
The DFL-500 uses  a special design ASIC to perform VPN encryption and decryption.  It off-loads CPU loading through hardware-based acceleration.

The DFL-500 supports  web-based management using a secure SSL connection from a remote terminal either  on the internal network or  even from an external remote site.  The DFL-500 can also be administered on-site using its RS-232 serial connection.

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